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Learn Basic Microscopic Medicine - 'Shotgun' Histology and Pathology Series

Know what normal healthy tissues look like under a microscope, then learn to look for signs of disease. This is a critical skill for medical diagnosis, and therefore in guiding any subsequent treatment.

Tissue samples are taken from biopsies, scrapings, or blood in the case of hematology. These samples are then smeared onto microscope slides or cut very thinly and mounted on slides, as appropriate. Almost always, the tissue cells are dye stained for better visibility under the microscope. These preparation techniques are discussed in detail elsewhere. This series is mainly confined to visual interpretation of the results of these preparations.

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The system of health care is currently comprised of a monopolistic exclusive hegemony, driven for profit, and protected by crushing government regulation. In the US, unconstitutional attempts are underway to escalate this monopoly to an even higher degree. This escalation will lead to even higher overall costs, restriction, less availability, and thus an effective collapse of open and free medical enterprise. Doctors and nurses are already planning their escape from that over-regulated and doomed system.

Even if the grossly unconstitutional facets of the new and unpopular 'laws' are repealed, it is unlikely that the fundamental issues leading to the collapse will be effectively addressed.

The essential element of medicine is knowledge, not money. There is a certain amount of skill involved, which comes with observation and practice. But the level of "talent" needed for effective proficiency is not the obstacle that most assume it to be. Any average person can acquire the necessary skill if they apply themselves. Medicine may have been viewed as magic in antiquity, but it is not magic. The knowledge which underlies practical medicine can be absorbed for free today, by anyone with internet access. Therein lies the seeds of a revolution.


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